Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Little Pony Exhibition!

So, I don't think I mentioned I'm going to take part in an exhibition on my little pony? It sounded like too much fun to pass up! A group of us are receiving an old style my little pony, and after that what we do with them is up to us! Except my friend is banned from burning one and exhibiting the melted gooey remains. There are lots of ponies online which have  been customized; as my little pony is such a nostalgic icon of childhood, people have taken them and started using them as a medium for exploring characters and expressing themselves. There are some uncanny characturisations of everyone from Alien to Gandalf to Oriental princesses: here's some of my favourites

Aragorn pony

Alien pony

Tony Stark pony

Storm trooper pony

Chinese princess Yang Mi

and Tian Li

She's just rather cool

I also saw a really cool one that had been fitted out as a lanpshade.


My friend Kayleigh Young is organising the exhibition (, and gave me my pony today!

She needs a bit of a clean up, and I want to straighten the hair so it's nice and sleek again (thinking an iron on the lowest setting might do it if I'm careful). The hair probably also needs to go black.

I have a few ideas on what to do with her. Despite the daunting precedent set by the above artists, I might try and do my pony up as a shrine maiden, geisha or samurai! From what I can make out, the additions are usually done with a kind of plasticky modelling paste, so I might try milliput, but I also want to try sculpting a purely porcelain pony sculpture in full geisha regalia, and a teapot with oriental ponies on the side having a tea ceremony. However, first I need to draw and brainstorm. We shall see where this goes!

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